Vision & Mission

หน้าหลัก 9 Vision & Mission


A corporate with passion to grow as leader in construction and diversified promising business based on valuable contribution to the prosperity and social responsibility of all


  1. Perform S.M.A.R.T. Specific; Measurable; Applicable; Realistic; Timely
  2. Comprehensively conduct construction and other business with integrated values and have stable profitability
  3. Manage business professionally with modern technology for sustainable growth
  4. Operate with perseverance and with high competency under international standards and timely delivery
  5. Manage business under the corporate governance principle and operate with integrity under the code of conduct to all stakeholders
  6. Health and safety are fundamental values of our organization on which we remain dedicated to further raise awareness and commitment at all levels
  7. Recognize the importance of the employees as human capital, encourage development of competency and cooperation among employees at all levels by establishing tangible motivation systems giving opportunity and empowering young professionals to achieve aspired career
  8. Always committed to a good corporate social and environmental responsibility.


  1. Can do
  2. Commitment
  3. Collaboration
  4. Change
  5. Champion


We will be a continually profitable and sustainable company which is one of the dependable leaders of the industry