Whistle Blowing Policy

หน้าหลัก 9 Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

The Company has established a department to acknowledge incident, grievance or suggestion from stakeholders affected from the Company’s operation on a 24 – hour basis. This can be done verbally, via telephone, facsimile, electronic mail and postal mail. The Company will provide initial explanation of facts and measures to manage such matters to the party submitting grievance or involved party as soon as possible or within 1 day at latest.

In case of doubts or discovering any acts of possible violation or against laws, regulations, rules, code of conduct or corporate governance policy, stakeholders can ask, undertake whistle – blowing or file complaints with detailed evidences to relevant person or department through the following channels:-

For internal grievance, suggestions and complaints within the Company

Contact: นางจรัสศรี เนาว์สุขสุข
Tel: 02 7302100 ext. 2147
Email: n_charutsri@nawarat.co.th
Or contact through the employees’ suggestion box which is put at workplace

For external grievance, suggestions and complaints from third parties

Contact: นายกฤตชัย สุทธิลักษณ์
Tel: 02 7302100 ext. 2312
Email: s_kridchai@nawarat.co.th

The Company will keep such information confidential in order that the informants may not suffer any trouble.